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Robert's professional life has always been balanced by his family life.  Devoted father of 4, and grandfather of 2, Robert currently lives and works  in Pittsburgh, PA, where he has resided with his wife Patricia since the 1970's.  (Click on the collage images to learn more about works inspired by home).

Over the years, Robert and his wife have owned 4 homes, parts of which have served as his creative art studio and workshop.  While not engaged with client projects, Robert enjoys the freedom that the home provides to expand his fine art talents and provide works that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Regarded by his peers as a sort of urban pioneer, Robert's first home appeared in the Pittsburgh Press in 1977 as young artists began redeveloping  parts of the inner city disregarded by others.  Each of his homes have become a work of art unto themselves, as he and his wife have worked extensively to rehab their condition and maximize their full living potential through the use of form and function.

In addition to being head of his family, Robert has also been an outgoing member in his community.  From graphic design to sculpture projects, Robert has helped small businesses to grow by attracting new customers, designing local newsletters and stationary, and donating his time and love of art to others through charitable work such as the Penguins Project.

For more examples of Community Work,


For more examples of Home Renovation Projects, CLICK HERE.

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