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The 1990'S: Terminal Graphics and Kore Image 1.0

As the 1980's rolled into the 1990's, Robert led Terminal Graphics to become increasingly successful in the computer generated graphics market.  Switching locations from Pittsburgh's Southside to the East End, and then on to a country setting near Fox Chapel, he continued to pursue painting and his interest in fine arts.  His professional association with Hill and Knowlton and Dale Stetzer would remain in Pittsburgh's Southside, where their collaborations excelled throughout the decade.

Together with Stetzer and Hill and Knowlton, Terminal Graphics brought new and unique interpretations on corporate design to their combined clients, including innovative, global, large-scale event staging projects.  These award-winning projects included major corporations such as GE Capital, Continental Airlines, Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, American Airlines, Wendy's, and DuPont.

As computer-based graphic design technology rapidly developed throughout the 90's, so did the graphic design industry itself.  Younger designers were rapidly eclipsing their older predecessors and drastically changing the face of the market.  As the 20th century drew to a close, Terminal Graphics and Stetzer/Hill and Knowlton went in differing directions, with Sands continuing to pursue emerging technologies under the new company name Kore Image.

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GE Stage Design
Wired Magazine Conference
Encompass Layouts
Avis Layouts
Creativity Magazine Awards
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