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the 1970's

Throughout the early and mid-1970’s, the talented, successful, and award-winning design team of Sands and Brevard continued working together, eventually joining Gateway Studios.  It was there in 1976 that Robert met Dale Stetzer, a young account rep, and formed a successful business partnership and friendship that would last for decades.


It was also during the mid-70's that Robert and his wife Patricia purchased a building (and subsequent art studio) on Sidney Street in Pittsburgh's newly evolving Southside.  Considered pioneers in the Southside’s urban redevelopment, the Sands' brought to life their artistic visions as a complementary team.  Opening his own design studio on the Southside created exciting new possibilities for Robert to engage in a wider range of projects, both personal and professional.

In the late-70's Sands and Brevard parted.  Robert went on to become an Art Director at Marstellar, Inc.  As his home studio grew with the addition of a small staff of artists, Robert continued to strengthen his viability as a self-employed Creative Director, enjoying the personal freedom running his own studio allowed him.

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