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Beyond the Millenium:

Kore Image 2.0

With the new millennium came an eclipse of the new generation of graphic artists and the decline of the old.  Competing against the explosion of computer-based and Internet graphic design through increasingly automated technologies, Robert decided to shift his focus instead on the fine arts, and also to the renovation of a new home in Pittsburgh's North Side neighborhood.


In 2010, Robert launched a second version of Kore Image with his two sons Evan and Alexander Sands.  Similar to the mid-1980's, Robert had premonitions about the future of design and technology.  Kore Image (2.0) was among the first touch-based product and design firms to bring interactive installation displays to a highly promising new market.  There were a number of project successes including a first of its kind mobile interactive display solution, and clients ranging from Transitions Optical, Henderson Brothers Insurance, Burns-White, The Deratany Firm, and PTI.  However, the company had to close its doors due to the rising costs of doing business and increasing interactive market competition by the year 2015.


Robert now continues his work as a fine artist, designer, and project consultant for local start-up businesses, while remaining an active member in his community.  After over 5 decades of professional design and innovation, Robert is still going strong.

Robert pictured with sons Alex (center), and Evan; launching Kore Image 2.0 in 2012

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